You have found the Jeff Gates Band website.  Here you can find updates to the Band’s activities, upcoming shows, links to social sites and other tidbits of info, photos, etc.


This is just a rough bio that I put up here to get the page going.

The Jeff Gates Band is primarily made up of Jeff Gates and his music creations. The bass player and drummer could be one of a couple of close friends and long-time fellow musicians. From time to time, there may even be a keyboard player. The Jeff Gates Band was established in 2011, with its first CD “You Make Me” slated to be released in mid-August. The hope and dream are that a second CD will follow close behind.

Jeff has a lot of experience in the music and entertainment business, but he would balk at me listing his accomplishments here. Just suffice it to say that this man knows what he is doing!!

Jeff has played music for almost his whole life. It is who he is.


Please feel free to contact the band at jeffgatesmusic@gmail.com.


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