Follow the Music

The Jeff Gates Band is a group of musicians who love to play music and entertain the crowd from the stage.

Please feel free to contact the band at

Currently, these radio stations around the globe are playing our music.  Here is what they said:

Michael Buffalo Smith–Buffalo Radio Show (live stream)

“Dangerous Dave”–Goldradio Blues Network

Sandra Starr–Host of The Sandra Starr Show on AOR America

In rotation starting Sept 24, 2011


Unkle Jonathan–Fryed Rock Radio

Trish Lewis on Eclectic Chair

The Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair 293 airs on 90.1 fm Monday 1-3pm

Hawaii Public Radio

alohas jeff

the cd has landed….. very cool stuff. nice production.
we will be sure to give it some spinnage on the blues shows.

appreciate you sending us your new release. it may be some “work” but we will
“get it gone”

jon alan
Hawaii Public Radio

CKUT 90.3 FM (Montreal Canada)

Hi Jeff,
Just to let you know that I did receive your album and it will be on my playlist for my next blues program on Tuesday.
Thank you

Jean-Pierre Petit
“L’Hôtel Du Blues”
CKUT 90,3 FM (Montréal, Canada)
Mardi : 21 à 23 heures
Tuesday : 9 pm to 11 pm

Radio Holstebro (West Coast of Denmark)

Thanks a  lot for a great album, I`ll send the playlist when we use it

Kjell A

CFBX 92.5 FM, Cable 106.1 – The X
Campus/Community Radio in Kamloops, BC

WMEB-FM/ The Blues Bus–University of Maine

WXLV 90.3 FM–New York, NY


Hi Jeff,
thank you very much for sending the CD! Some interesting tracks on it, so there are no problems, to present your music to my listeners. As usual, you’ll get a playlist any time, I spin the CD.
Thanks again and take care,


2 responses to “Follow the Music

  1. Hayne Coleman HANK COLE BAND

    Listened to “Get It Gone” several times when I got home. Liked it alot. If I heard it on the radio I’d turn it up! I’d want to hear it again and wouldn’t get tired of it.Well played, Good dynamics. Liked the vocals. Good production.Very listenable. My only criticism would be the opening. Struck me, at first listening, like it got started before record was cued in. Made me feel like I’d missed the intro. I’d of probably started with a single instrument (bass, drums or guitar) and then had a fall-in from the rest of the band. Over all though; pretty KICK BUTT TUNE!. Looking forward to hearing it and more the 11th.

    • This is Mandy…thanks for the great feedback!!! I feel the same way about the beginning of the tune. Jeff and I have talked about it this morning and I think you will hear a different mix on the final CD. Your comments are very positive and encouraging. Thank you so much!!!

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