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Construction Continues on the Soul Shack Studio

Not only do the fans support the Jeff Gates Band by attending shows, purchasing band stuff and spreading the word of good music, but they also donate their time and sweat.  Check out Mike Dale…he shows up to the Shack in a large work van full of useful tools and…A DOOR!! Yay, Mike!!  He and Jeff hung the door, decided what materials were needed next and took off to Lowe’s.  I can now hear the sounds of saws, nail guns and the occassional outburst that goes along with hard, physical labor.
Back inside the cool house, I on the other hand, have ordered all the necessary electronics to make this studio rock and roll. I am excited at the prospect of re-learning how to use a Mac and starting from scratch on a brand new software (for me, anyway)–ProTools. I am even thinking about getting one of those neon guitar wall clocks I saw at Big Lots…


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