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More Soul in the Soul Shack

Even though the Soul Shack Studio is brand-spanking new, it is getting some upgrades that are all about separation.  In order to get good, clean sounds, Jeff is constructing an Amp Room to separate the bass and guitar amps from the main studio, as well as a vocal booth, complete with padded walls and new mic stands.

We’ve already had several groups come and record, and currently Voodoo King is laying down some tracks.  Word has it that Jeff has hit the nail on the head (or should I say hit the stick on the cymbal…) when it comes to a great drum sound.


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A New Year…More Music

I know, I’m behind in getting started this year.  The holidays wore us out–fantastic recital/concert/party with all the students, Christmas with 7 children and various other family members, big New Year’s bash…phew!  But, nonetheless, 2012 is here and the Jeff Gates Band is ready to rock and roll!!

Jeff is making big plans for new music this year now that the studio is up and running.  Top-notch equipment rivals any big name studio.  In the meantime, you can still catch the band at various locations performing tunes from the “You Make Me” album, as well as your old favorite cover tunes.

Happy New Year, Fans of the JGB!! 


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July 23–Creekside Tavern, Lincolnton, NC

Jeff is playing acoustic tonight at Creekside Tavern in Lincolnton, NC.  This is a new venue for him, but I looked at the online menu and I can’t wait to order!  I love to have a casual dinner while I listed to Jeff bend those strings.  Music starts about 9:00.

Creekside Tavern

1519 W. Hwy 150

Lincolnton, NC


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